SIMOTICS Servomotors

          The potential applications for SIMOTICS S-1FT7/S-1FK7 motors are extremely diverse. On machine tools, they are designated and used as feed motors. On production machines, e.g., printing, packaging and textile machines, they are designated as synchronous servomotors 

         Core types can be supplied for certain motor types. These core types can be express delivered as replacement motors in the event of plant outages and offer the advantage of a quicker spare parts supply. For this reason, core types should be used for configuration wherever possible. The selection and ordering data for the SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules are based on the book size format by way of example. Other formats are also possible. The SIZER for Siemens Drives engineering tool is available for detailed configuration

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Planetary gearbox series SP+ for SIMOTICS S-1FT7
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