SINAMICS G180 Chassis and Cabinet Units

P_SINAMICS G180 Chassis and Cabinet Units

The LOHER DYNAVERT T frequency converter integrated as SINAMICS G180 into the SINAMICS range has been deployed for over forty years for applications where maximum reliability and availability of the drive are of paramount importance.

The specific converter for the oil & gas, chemical and process industries
Line voltages: :Line system types :Output range :
3 AC 230…400 V…500VTN/TT system2.2 up to 160 kW (at 400 V)
3 AC 230…400 V…415VTN/TT system200 up to 630 kW (at 400 V)
3 AC 230…500 VIT system2.2 up to 200 kW (at 500 V)
3 AC 230…500 VTN/TT/IT system250 up to 800 kW (at 500 V)
3 AC 230…690 VTN/TT/IT system7.5 up to 200 kW (at 690 V)
3 AC 400…690 VTN/TT/IT system250 up to 6600 kW (at 690 V)