SIMOGEAR Gearboxed with Adapter

p_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_1p_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_1
P_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_2P_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_2
P_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_3P_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_3
P_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_4P_SIMOGEAR Gearbox with Adapter_4

In addition to versions with integrated motors, the SIMOGEAR series is also available with motor adapters for the use of various motors. Due to the specially designed traction group the whole variety of Siemens motors can be mounted. That is true for asynchronous as well as synchronous motors. With the new developed short- and coupling adapter we can offer our customer the right geared motor for every application.