SIEMENS - SIP Planetary Gear Units

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Long-life top performance: The new planetary gear unit series for maximum process reliability Cost-effective planetary gear units for highest requirements

When operating drives designed for limited life strength, it is often difficult to keep track of which drives have already reached or even passed the end of their useful lives. The more often you have to ask yourself how much longer your drive will continue to operate and whether you will get a replacement quickly if it fails, the more incalculable your own performance is.

Where costs, performance, and availability in the case of drives have to go hand in hand is where FLENDER SIP comes into its own.

Reliable performance
From now on, you need no longer do without proven Siemens quality. The technology of the FLENDER SIP series results in an extremely high-performance planetary gear unit which not only boasts an impressive price, but also offers very low life cycle costs as the decisive criterion for the user. Maximum reliability, practical versatility, and very high availability combine to create a gear unit solution to meet any and every customer requirement.

The maximum availability of your systems has long been at the center of our research and development work. For this reason, we have designed the FLENDER SIP series to be fatigue-resistant and long-lasting. Furthermore, the revolutionary design uses the highest quality component parts. For you, that means maximum reliability and sustainable performance.

We can ensure high delivery reliability for FLENDER SIP in the long term. How do we do it? The FLENDER SIP concept consistently adheres to the principle of flexibility. Our innovative value-adding process not only ensures unique and consistent quality, it also focuses especially on your need for delivery reliability.

With FLENDER SIP, you have at your disposal a finely graded product range with six transmission stages in eight sizes, delivering torques over a range of 10 × 103 to 80 × 103 Nm, naturally in a large number of variants: cylindrical shaft with parallel keyway, hollow shaft with a shrink disk, flanged shaft, and hollow shaft with a spline profile. Taconite seals are also optionally available. Test our innovative technology.

  • Proven product
  • High availability due to maximum rolling bearing lifetime
  • Standardized modular system for vertical and horizontal mounting positions
  • Great diversity owing to 37 types with solid shaft or two different hollow shafts
  • Additional cooling with internal water-oil heat exchanger, shaft driven fan or separate cooling unit
  • Fast availability worldwide
  • High operating safety
  • Vertical mounting position with dip lubrication with oil expansion unit or forced lubrication
  • Conveyor drives
  • Hoist drives
  • Travel drives
  • Water screw drives and water power screw drives
  • Bucket elevator
  • Paper machine drives
  • Ventilator drives
  • Pump drives
  • Blower drives
  • Mixer drives
  • Aerator drives
  • Water turbine drives
  • Mill drives with overrunning coupling connection