SIEMENS Gear Units

FLENDER FZG/FSG Standard Gear Units

Overview With more than 300 000 delivered gear units since market introduction in 1991 the most sold industrial gear unit series in the world. FZG/FSG was the guide for a lot of other product lines in today’s market and is the foundation of the new Siemens FLENDER Standard Industrial Gear Unit series SIG.

FLENDER SIP Standard Industry Planetary Gear Units

Overview Long-life top performance: The new planetary gear unit series for maximum process reliability Cost-effective planetary gear units for highest requirements
When operating drives designed for limited life strength, it is often difficult to keep track of which drives have already reached or even passed the end of their useful lives. The more often you have to ask yourself how much longer your drive will continue to operate and whether you will get a replacement quickly if it fails, the more incalculable your own performance is.